"Let's get one thing clear: Oasis in NOT a vegetarian restaurant.  There are lots of beg entrees on the menu, and its roots are in healthy hippie cuisine, but remember that Billy Sotelo is in charge of the kitchen now, and his repertoire embraces animal protein.  Like: Gorgonzola and mushroom-stuffed filet; herb-roasted chicken with preserved lemon butter; chicken phyllo tart.  And you can choose beef, chicken, fish, or tempeh for your fajitas in "mole Americana."  We pretty much tried one of each on our last visit, and our leisurely patio dinner lasted until the stars came out.  My fave: king crab poached in butter with an asparagus risotto and a pea emulsion butter.  That is, unless you count the tres leches cake."

- Mary Malouf, Salt Lake Magazine

"Voters gave top awards to this Utah city for being both clean and safe.  The same could be said for its best dining, which has a big emphasis on organics.  Three great places to find it: Oasis, Sage's Cafe, and Forage."

- Travel & Leisure Magazine

"A winner of the Nicholas & Co. Ultimate Chef Competition, Billy Sotelo is the executive chef for LaSalle Restaurant Group, and his passion for cooking with fresh, local ingredients is evident on the menus at Oasis Cafe and Faustina.  Sotelo began his career in Tucson, Ariz., at the Loews Ventana Canyon resort, and later moved to top-notch restaurants in Salt Lake City and Deer Valley."

- City Weekly Dining Guide 2011

"I have a happy place.  Its name is panna cotta at Oasis Cafe.  This was the best dessert I've had since I moved to Salt Lake City.  My mum and I ordered it and it totally blew our socks off.  The softly set and creamy Italian pudding is silky smooth and not overly sweet, which for me is the perfect dessert.  The Oasis version is served infused with lavender accompanied by strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, honeyed ricotta cheese and pistachio crumbles.  I am now planning to go back to my happy place as soon as possible.

- Daisy Blake, IN This Week